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Registering on is simple & completely free. The profile can be created by the person intended to get married, his/her parents, relatives or friends for him. Any person of legal age who intends to find a life partner can register.

Registration can be done using the m4marry website, mobile (Android/iOS) or tablet. Start by entering basic details of the bride/groom-to-be, following which there will be a mandatory mobile verification. Once the mobile number is successfully verified, fill in the rest of your profile to complete the registration process. A profile ID will be generated automatically.

The registration forms on are designed to include all important information about the person intending to get married which can be of interest to a prospective partner. Members can know more about you before they initiate contact.

You can update your profile as and when you have time. Complete the registration very fast by keying in just the mandatory fields, marked by an asterisk.

No. The Email Id that you specify is the one to which M4Marry will send you all communication from prospective partners. The contact details that you provide will be shared only with subscribers to the site who are interested in your profile as a prospective partner. This will help to speed up contact especially for members who do not use online as a primary medium for communication.

We suggest that you add such specific information in the About Myself column. This field is designed to showcase who you are. But if you find for example that the caste that you belong to is not listed on the form, you can use the 'Others' feature.

If you think that the category is critical to be listed, please mail us on We shall respond to you on whether we can include the same.