About us


Mingle in a Meaningful Connection to Enjoy a Gratifying Relationship

In the last two decades, technology has changed almost everything. Interestingly, even the platforms and manners through which people communicate have also changed.

Mid EST is emerging as one of the fastest matchmaking platforms. Our no-nonsense approach is very simple. Proceed only if your intentions are clear. Individuals who are genuinely questing after companions and intent to enter into meaningful relationships (matrimonial alliance) should approach us. After a certain age, every individual conducts a search for a genuine and loving soul mate. In this age dominated by digital technology, you can easily find someone with similar interests, mindset and lifestyle. Mid EST sincerely believes that love between two heart blossoms only in a comfortable and serene atmosphere. We want you to proceed forward in a systematic manner so that finding an appropriate match becomes an pleasing experience. Sharing life with someone who really cares about your religious and cultural value would be a blessing. So, get ready to come out of your comfort zone. We strictly monitor all profiles and block unworthy accounts.